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"It is forbidden to kill;

therefore, all murderers

are punished, unless they

kill in large numbers and

to the sound of trumpets."

                   -- Goethe??

                   -- Voltaire??

An eye for an eye leads to a

world that is blind. -- Gandhi

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18th October 2006

I taught for thirty years in some of the worst schools in Manhattan, and in some of the best, and during that time I became an expert in boredom.

4th November 2005

Do the Right Thing

Cognitive science’s search for a common morality

It is a wonder of the world, the Web. I have facts at hand by the thousands about everything from the different kinds of government to the names of the stars of television shows I've never even seen. I'm smarter, then, with my computer on, but not much deeper. I worry that my knowledge of the world is actually growing shallower

13th October 2005

The daughter (12) has just had her rubella injection and has had to sign a form declaring that she realises she mustn't get pregnant in the next three months.... Then I asked sympathetically if the injection had hurt, and Janet said, 'Just a little prick,' and the daughter shrieked with laughter.

Backward, Christian Soldiers!
Why must intelligent design be stopped? Because this-God forbid-could be the moment when the theocratization of America makes a real advance.

What is the best age to create your masterpiece? Peter Conrad reflects on a time when all the brightest talents died young

The future isn't just evolving, says Ray Kurzweil - it's exploding. We just can't quite see the pyrotechnics yet. That's because change is happening at an exponential rate.

Reckoning with the God Squad
Fundamentalist bullies cannot be appeased. they must be confronted.
By Bill Moyers

10th May 2005

Orhan Pamuk has never needed to travel to extend his imagination. The melancholy splendours and religious complexities of his birthplace, Istanbul, enriched his childhood and continue to inspire him.

...if a glint of light on a barbed wire fence, or the synchronised turn of a flock of starlings, or an eclipse of the moon, or a glance swapped with a weasel, knocks you across the room with its beauty, then you must say so...

8th April 2005

The Chinese have an ancient saying that the wise man speaks but once. I cannot claim the wisdom that this saying presupposes: but I have a feeling that it applies even to the not-so-wise, and perhaps most of all to the foolish.

The Anatomy of a City

5th March 2005

British scientists have confirmed once again that mathematics has a special place in the human brain.

Despite the fact that humans sometimes fight fiercely among themselves, one of our most distinctive human traits is our willingness to cooperate with others. Why we are like that is one of the really big questions confronting evolutionary psychologists.

Two skulls originally found in 1967 have been shown to be about 195,000 years old, making them the oldest modern human remains known to science.

Neanderthals may have seen their first modern Homo sapiens some 100,000 years ago in what is now Israel. The two people almost certainly came in contact in Europe in the last centuries before the dwindling Neanderthal population was replaced forever by the intruding modern humans.

The evolution of the sense of fairness may have involved the quality of relationships

Cab drivers' grey matter enlarges and adapts to help them store a detailed mental map of the city, according to research.

21st December 2004

What's Jesus Got To Do With It? Absolutely nothing. To those who advance these atrocities, he would only reply: "I never knew you."

3rd December 2004

Words belong to the person who wrote them. There are few simpler ethical notions than this one...

25thOctober 2004

I'd like you to read this famous story and think about whether Nietzsche wasn't on to something when he criticized the naive idea of human equality.

11th December 2003

Some of us never quite recover from our discovery that the world is cruel. We don't become cruel ourselves; we become cynics.

5th December 2003

It isn't much of an exaggeration to say "the movies," as an entity, raised me. It was like listening in to the conversations of the grownups.

1st December 2003

Tricky stuff, Evil.

16th November 2003

Asking Gore Vidal:

Do you not think of Bush and Ashcroft as Americans?

I think of them as an alien army. They have managed to take over everything, and quite in the open. We have a deranged president. We have despotism. We have no due process.

Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge  by Ambrose Bierce

(read the Vonnegut first...)

Kurt Vonnegut:

My epitaph, should I ever need one, God forbid: "The only proof he ever needed of the existence of God was music."

And those now in charge of the federal government are upper-crust C-students who know no history or geography...

30th October 2003

"Language, the very instrument used by God to create grandeur out of chaos, can be misused by us to revert the world back to chaos".

...a vast and history laden ruin site passes unnoticed, even despised, into oblivion.

4th October 2003

[Paul Erdos] refused to slow down, saying "there'll be plenty of time to rest in the grave".

...a third theory to explain the link between "alcohol consumption" and "risky sex".

1st October 2003

While Ostalgie is not new to East Germans, it is contagious and has only recently spread to West Germans, primarily the young, who have become fascinated by the history of a Germany they know little about.

28th September 2003

If George wasn't driving the world down the road to extinction with his wars, his environmentally disastrous choices and world alienating policies--"Look at me, ma, no hands" he says while sitting behind the wheel of our children's future--I'd think he was almost fascinating.

Orson Welles had made a tragic error. The press and the nation was considerably unforgiving for a very long time to come.

27th September 2003

'Life of Pi' tops Amazon.ca fiction

If same-sex marriage becomes the law of the land, who exactly is going to burn in hell for all time?

20th September 2003

Because we find ourselves in this puzzling, extraordinary universe of pain and beauty, we will also find ourselves able to explore it, by adopting the very successful methods of science," he says.

16th September 2003

Ever wonder how they began building the first suspension bridge over the Niagara River?

Niagara Falls might seem to be a strange place for a large and important collection of Egyptian mummies. But it was not quite so strange in the late 1850's, when Colonel Sydney Barnett, the son of the Museum's founder, Thomas Barnett, went to Egypt to purchase the Egyptian antiquities that would begin the collection.                 More

4th September 2003

"To stand against Israel is to stand against God. We believe that history and scripture prove that God deals with nations in relation to how they deal with Israel"  Jerry Falwell,
Christian Zionist Movement

2nd September 2003

Power Corrupts. PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely.

Create them sick, and then command them to be well? What a mad despot this is, and how fortunate we are that he exists only in the minds of his worshippers.

27th August 2003

Search Google Image Earthlights

25th August 2003

Search Google Image:  Tunick

14th August 2003

The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote that, in the rapacity that the industrial revolution created, people first surrendered their minds or the capacity to reason, then their hearts or the capacity to empathize, until all that was left of the original human equipment was the senses or their selfish demands for gratification.

9th August 2003

Search Google Images:  santorini

Search Google Images:  jewish museum berlin

7th August 2003

A fine line that: the difference between failure to teach and failure to learn.

The great purpose of school can be realized better in dark, airless, ugly places.... It is to master the physical self, to transcend the beauty of nature. School should develop the power to withdraw from the external world.

4th August 2003

Evidently men had already begun to dream of good deeds as deserving repayment in worldly success; and now they heard Life's grim answer to the dream

The story of my own childhood is a complicated sentence that I am always trying to finish

When you look for poetry, it has an uncanny way of looking for you back.

He went on, mentioning the demerits of each poem, then ended with: "We hope you will not hesitate to stop trying to write poetry. Love Always, The Editor."

2nd August 2003

But please, by all means, keep trying. Keep ripping away at the rich dense frantic fabric of this gorgeous inexplicable life.

27th July 2003

Pound insisted that poetry was not "literature" but a performance art.

In a profession that seems indifferent to the concerns and delights of ordinary life, Alexander has always been a humanist, a proponent of window seats, sunny spots and arcades.

The quintessential pairing asks people to choose between a diner-style saltshaker and a bottle of the best-known brand of ketchup.

25th July 2003

Nothing makes fear subside like kicking someone's ass and feeling powerful. It doesn't even matter if they deserve it.

24th July 2003

Though reason and ethics may insist that nothing that causes death and destruction ever can be truly beautiful, the senses argue otherwise.

19th July 2003

Vermeer has achieved a great deal with limited means.

Vermeer's Little Street

Vermeer's Little Street (Large)

This "wonderful and modest painting which succeeds in evoking such a wide range of emotions..." and "sings the beauty of everyday life..." seems to defy meaningful description.

15th July 2003

Mad monks, intoxicated by the Great Creator and his wonders. Tied to the rock but given the wings of doves.

Friedrich Nietzsche:  Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen.  Few in pursuit of the goal.

A Florentine nobleman knew that to read Dante but ignore science was ridiculous.

14th July 2003

If The Sun can be equally relevant to a corporate executive and a young man in prison, then my dream for the magazine is alive and well.

13th July 2003

...killing the Buddha is a metaphor for moving past the complacency of belief, for struggling honestly with the idea of God.

"its beauty and its graceful sanity, is what makes The River in Winter matter to someone like me..."

12th July 2003

His lyrics are like magpies' nests, full of shiny fragments from parts unknown.

Town squares should include paved surfaces for dancing in the street (pattern 63)

4th July 2003

The most important things to do in the world are to get something to eat, something to drink and someone to love. Brendan Behan

Citizen Ben's Great Virtues

Glory be to God for dappled things

The tyranny of George II

We are witnessing a process that increasingly turns a child into a commodity, with product specification, quality control and rejection of sub-standard products - the wrong sex, the wrong genes.

19th June 2003

Bush playing golf in Florida while his daughter lay under the knife in a hospital in Texas. What father wouldn't be sweating in the waiting room praying the doctors knew their business? The father who wouldn't is your president.

16th June 2003

In one way or another, this is the oldest story in America: the struggle to determine whether "we, the people" is a spiritual idea embedded in a political reality - one nation, indivisible - or merely a charade masquerading as piety and manipulated by the powerful and privileged to sustain their own way of life at the expense of others.

It is no gift I tender,

A loan is all I can;

But do not scorn the lender;

Man gets no more from man.

13th June 2003

By collecting flocks of pigeons in dense clusters, Google is able to process search queries at speeds superior to traditional search engines, which typically rely on birds of prey, brooding hens or slow-moving waterfowl to do their relevance rankings.

Inspired by the idea that the country's true heroes might well be locked up in mental institutions, Kesey wrote his debut novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, when his employers thought he was writing up reports on the patients.

12th June 2003

The Origin of Philosophy:
Why the Greeks?

The Founding Fathers Were Not Christians

This Artist Painted With Poison

11th June 2003

Aladzha Monastery is the most famous among the numerous rock monasteries that existed on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast in the 13 - 14 centuries.

We go to this monastery as tourists, out of curiosity, or because we are thirsty for knowledge. But there everything changes.

Here are monasteries constructed on sheer rock surfaces, where even eagles have trouble landing, never mind humans.

8th June 2003

Magical world of Gehry

Gehry's work

"It strikes me as odd that people seem rarely to see the positive side of a reliable lie detector,"

7th June 2003

The Met spotlights Mesopotamia's widespread influence on ancient cultures with 400 artifacts

"Chipper's success took place in the extremely narrow field of tree-climbing, and was achieved free of such real-world factors as class, wealth, religion, or race.

Long before puppet shows, cut scenes, or even on-line trailers, images have been used to guide people through a narrative storyline.

I know that the path of our life is eternal and short, and while still in my mother's womb I learned to travel this path with love rather than with hate.   -- Marc Chagall

5th June 2003

The Scoop on Poop: Disposable Diapers for Birds

"Everyone in Romania knows Vlad Tepes. Nobody knows Count Dracula,"

3rd June 2003

Body's Beauty:  The Poem

Body's Beauty:  The Painting

Somehow, our dogs have joined us in our culture of victimization.

From the dark opening of the worn insides of the shoes the toilsome tread of the worker stares forth.

Van Gogh's A Pair of Shoes

2nd June 2003

"George Bush has Indeed Succeeded in Granting Osama Bin Laden a Wish Beyond his Wildest Dreams.He's Turned the U.S. into the Most Feared and Disliked and, in Many Quarters, Hated Country in the World."

18th October 2006

Sept. 28, 2006: Remember the date. It seems to have passed mostly unnoticed. A few editorials, some angry e-mails. No banner headlines. No dramatic footage. No conspiracy theories.

4th November 2005

Some patients suffering chronic pain in their limbs have found an unlikely source of relief – mirrors.

A sovereign nation which was no threat to the United States of America lies in ruins and tens of thousands of its innocent citizens have been slaughtered just for the hell of it.  When are we going to stand up as a country and yell a collective: "bull-shit?!!"

The CIA has been hiding and interrogating some of its most important al Qaeda captives at a Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe, according to U.S. and foreign officials familiar with the arrangement.

13th October 2005

The "hobbits" are real. That's the conclusion of scientists who announce the discovery of the remains of more of the tiny prehistoric humans nicknamed for the diminutive stars of the Lord of the Rings saga.

Nepalese Porters May Be World's Most Efficient Haulers

The centuries-old custom of blood feuds - responsible for thousands of Albanian deaths in the past - has started blighting lives in the Balkan nation again in recent years.

Geneticist Searches for DNA of "Adam," the First Human

10th May 2005

As you may have noticed, right now everyone is talking about Social Security, and nobody is talking about the stunning shift from budget surplus to budget deficit since Bush took office.

8th April 2005

Since the 1980s, as neo-conservatives have captured the Republican Party, America’s business education has also increasingly become contaminated by the robber baron culture of the pre-Great Depression era.

5th March 2005

Evolution takes a back seat in US classes... the teaching of evolution [is] portrayed not as scientific instruction but as "an assault of the secular elite on the values of God-fearing people."

Freed Italian hostage says US shooting was not justified

We are living today in a science fiction nightmare, a world where, because somebody gave money to a politician, our children are brought into a world where the air is too poisonous for them to breathe.

21st December 2004

How George W. Bush became the head of the new American Dominionist Church/State

3rd December 2004

The mention of the European Union is met with cynical laughs. People tell how Hungarians have been forced to raid Romanian grocery stores because they were priced out of their own when their country joined the union this spring.


Roach said the total debt of U.S. households 20 years ago was equal to half the size of the total domestic economy. Today, it's 85 percent.

2nd December 2004

Nat Hentoff:  ... since Gonzales will be more dangerous to our liberties than Ashcroft, I will begin here to show how low the standards have become for the chief law enforcement officer of the nation.

Yes, that's right: letter writers from across the nation are united in their outrage - not that the steely-eyed, smoking soldier makes mass killing look cool, but that the laudable act of mass killing makes the grave crime of smoking look cool.

11th December 2003

Washington has requested non-U.S. airlines to hand over up to 39 pieces of data for each passenger, including credit card details, home address and phone number.

5th December 2003

America has yet to hold the Bush junta accountable. They're still calling the shots. Still lying.

"It's possible to use anything for torture," the president of a U.S. manufacturer of electro-shock riot shields told Amnesty. "But it's a little easier to use our devices."

1st December 2003

...small teams of medical personnel carry miniaturized gear - like patient ventilators or suction machines the size of laptop computers - in backpacks and duffel bags to stay close to the front where they can sedate, analyze and operate on a patient almost immediately. In the Marine Corps they are known as "devil docs."

The reports of 54 enemy killed [in Samara] will sound great on the home front, but the greater story is much more disturbing and needs to be told to the American Public.

16th November 2003

There is little consensus on how to preserve Nukak culture while still allowing those who want to integrate into modern society to do so.      ``One cannot force a group to conserve itself, like an artifact in a museum,'' Ruiz said.

30th October 2003

"There's something about pregnancy and subsequent exposure to offspring that create a more adaptive brain, one that's generally less susceptible to fear and stress,"

6th October 2003

Griffin's best-known struggle against adversity, however was a self-imposed one: In 1959, after shaving his head and using drugs and ultraviolet light to darken his skin, Griffin spent six weeks travelling through the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia posing as an itinerant black man in order to record a first-hand account of the virulent racism still prevalent in the Deep South.

1st October 2003

Geography makes no difference to America's inability to appreciate that others may have genuine reasons for their stance. Washington is as clueless about Ottawa as it is about Timbuktoo.

28th September 2003

Walter Cronkite:

No matter how glorious President Bush paints our Iraq invasion as a mission to save the world from terrorism, there is no disguising the fact that in our desperate bid for help, we are dining on a massive helping of crow.

27th September 2003

Iraq was in effect put up for sale yesterday when the American-appointed administration announced it was opening up all sectors of the economy to foreign investors in a desperate attempt to deliver much-needed reconstruction against a daily backdrop of kidnappings, looting and violent death.

Some 1.7 million people in the United States slid into poverty in 2002

21st September 2003

The latest trick of the neo-cons is running retired General Wesley Clark for President as a Democrat.

20th September 2003

Tim Russert challenged Vice President Dick Cheney to defend his claim, made on "Meet the Press'' before the war, that Iraq possessed nuclear weapons. "Yeah, I did misspeak,'' Cheney admitted. "We never had any evidence that (Hussein) had acquired a nuclear weapon.''

Thanks to the Americans, effective control of Afghanistan has been ceded to most of the same mafiosi and their private armies, who rule by fear, extortion and monopolising the opium poppy trade that supplies Britain with 90% of its street heroin. The post-Taliban government is a facade; it has no money and its writ barely runs to the gates of Kabul

17th September 2003

Death came from the skies. A building - a symbol of the nation - collapsed in flames in an act of terror that would lead to the deaths of 3,000 people. It was Sept. 11.  But the year was 1973

13th September 2003

Invoking the memories of Sept. 11, 2001, President Bush prodded Congress today to "untie the hands" of law enforcement and enact broader search-and-seizure powers and wider use of the death penalty to combat terrorism.

3rd September 2003

...overwhelmed, the Pentagon's special operations chiefs were reduced to screening a 1965 movie, "The Battle of Algiers," last week, as David Ignatius reported in The Washington Post , to try to learn why the French suffered a colonial disaster in a guerrilla war against Muslims in Algiers.

1st September 2003

The New Mexico burial site won't be full until the year 2030, so no final decision about its markings has yet been made. But it's a sobering thought: future civilizations might do just fine without Shakespeare or the Bible or the Encyclopedia Britannica , but the one message we must pass on to them is this: we made awful stuff, and it'll kill you if you dig it up.

29th August 2003

Someday, when the grown-ups are back in charge, they'll have quite a mess to clean up. 

26th August 2003

It should also be pretty obvious that, tough as it is for both the American troops and the Iraqis, pinned down in Iraq may be the safest place for the US army to be.

25th August 2003

We Have A Long And Dishonourable Tradition Of Smearing The Dead

14th August 2003

Except for providing Bush with political internal security, there is no need for the Department of Homeland Security; it is a Trojan Horse through which Bush will unleash his ideological storm troopers...

12th August 2003

Judge Wolf wrote that the crucial question for courts was "how large a fraction of the executed must be innocent to offend contemporary standards of decency."

11th August 2003

The Pentagon said it had not tried to deceive. It drew a distinction between traditional napalm, first invented in 1942, and the weapons dropped in Iraq, which it calls Mark 77 firebombs. They weigh 510lbs, and consist of 44lbs of polystyrene-like gel and 63 gallons of jet fuel.

9th August 2003

What's Happening?
Boron Interviews Chomsky

The verboten truth is that the unprovoked attack on Iraq and the looting of its resources is America 's 73rd colonial intervention.

Why don't the occupation authorities realise that Iraq cannot be "spun"?

This is the secret ticking time bomb under the feet of Dick Cheney and George W Bush. The US has 3% of world energy resources, but uses 28% of those resources, and the USA is no longer geographically situated to exploit them. Oil is capitalism's crack cocaine, and the Bush gang is waging a turf war to keep it coming. 

7th August 2003

The 2001 winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, George Akerlof, went even further last week in Germany when he told Der Spiegel, "This is the worst government the US has ever had in its more than 200 years of history...This is not normal government policy." In describing the impact of the Bush policies on America's future, Akerloff added, "What we have here is a form of looting."

4th August 2003

The sad part is that there is little we can do about that now. We are in a war and must win it.

Mel Gibson:   The "Holy Ghost was working through me on this film, and I was just directing traffic. 

Durer's 'The Women's Bathhouse' was the first work unconnected to a religious theme to show naked humans in various positions.

I suggested to my boss that if this was as good as it got, some folks on the Pentagon's E-ring may be sitting beside Saddam Hussein in the war crimes tribunals.

"All we are left with are blurred covers of Time and Newsweek where monstrous figures from Hieronymous Bosch stare out of us, hellfire in their eyes... G. Vidal

28th July 2003

Noble act or political assassination?

Who's Unpatriotic Now?

The day irony failed

25th July 2003

The superstar columnist George Will has an impressive vocabulary. Too bad it doesn't include the words "I'm sorry."

Does the uranium claim indicate a larger pattern of deceptive claims made about Iraq? At minimum, the following assertions made by the Bush administration also deserve media scrutiny:

20th July 2003

Criticism of the war's cost to ordinary Iraqis could also be fueled by the Times report that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld approved every one of more than 50 air strikes for which commanders needed his specific clearance because they thought it likely that they would kill more than 30 civilians.

19th July 2003

A few days ago, the American forces in Baghdad drove 17 truckloads of rubble and dirt up to the secret military area of Baghdad airport to air-freight to the United States.

...he's not sure why anyone would want to "out" him as a Canadian, or how any of the details of his life could be seen as a "smear."

15th July 2003

...this issue is not about sixteen words in a speech. It is about lies and American credibility.

14th July 2003

"Most soldiers would empty their bank accounts just for a plane ticket home," runs one such letter, quoted last week in the Christian Science Monitor.

"The military is asking bereaved families to make suggestions for a memorial service; mine is simply that our Prime Minister and any other MPs with blood on their hands have the decency to stay away."

20 Lies About the War

13th July 2003

Germans Are From Mars, Italians Are From Venus

The campaign to kill [Mr. Hussein] has committed the United States for the first time to public, personalized, open-ended warfare in the classic mode of Middle Eastern violence - an eye for an eye, a life for a life.

8th July 2003

Allies to become less important as new generation of weapons enables America to strike anywhere from its own territory

The relentless upbeat view of developments in Iraq from the US administration is at variance with the reality on the ground.

3rd July 2003

While Americans long ago accepted a corporate-driven fast food culture, in Europe food and culture are deeply entwined.

It ain't broke, but George Bush is busy fixin' it.

Back from the "sister act" vacation...  Yes, thanks.  A good time was had by all.

16th June 2003

Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense?
by John W. Dean

Where are the Grownups?

13th June 2003

The fact that the United States now imprisons more of its people than any other developed or undeveloped country -- even ones run by harsh authoritarian governments -- should tell us that something isn't working.

11th June 2003

Looters riddle ancient Iraqi sites with holes

Dozens of Iraq's state-owned companies could be earmarked for privatisation within a year, it has been reported.

Guantanamo officials are working on plans to provide a courtroom, a prison and an execution chamber if the order comes to try terror suspects at the base in Cuba

If we knew where it was, why don't we know where it is?

8th June 2003

Recent proposals that have been circulated at Space Command and NRO briefings suggest that access to "near-earth space" may be refused to other nations.

"Bechtel has demonstrated brazen moral corruption by first contributing to the development of Iraq's weapons, then pushing for a war against Iraq, and finally profiting from the tragedy and destruction wrought by that war,"


Allison's 25 men and women have dug up a playground, raided a distillery, seized a research paper from a failing graduate student and laid bare a swimming pool where an underground chemical weapons stash was supposed to be.

Washington is breaching what it's preaching

7th June 2003

When the best case scenario seems to be mere incompetence, investigations certainly need to be made.

Known as LifeLog, the project aims to capture and analyze a multimedia record of everywhere a subject goes and everything he or she sees, hears, reads, says and touches.

The Soviet model disappeared. It could only deliver turnip soup along with space flight and inherently unsafe nuclear reactors.

This 'American grand strategy' must be advanced for 'as far into the future as possible', the report says.

Ex-Official: Evidence Distorted for War

So many governments to overthrow, so little time


The lies that led us into war ...

6th June 2003

Attorney General John Ashcroft urged Congress on Thursday to expand the new anti-terror law to permit the government to hold more suspects indefinitely and extend the death penalty to more people accused of terrorist crimes.

5th June 2003

``A more just political system will develop when people have food in their stomachs, and their lights work, and they can turn on a faucet and they can find some clean water - things that Saddam Hussein did not do for them,'' Bush said.

3rd June 2003

The public was told that Saddam posed an imminent threat. If that claim was fraudulent, the selling of the war is arguably the worst scandal in American political history - worse than Watergate, worse than Iran-contra.

"George Bush has Indeed Succeeded in Granting Osama Bin Laden a Wish Beyond his Wildest Dreams.He's Turned the U.S. into the Most Feared and Disliked and, in Many Quarters, Hated Country in the World." --  Noam Chomsky